Sunday, January 25, 2009

In the Mood for Love

She walks her walk and so does he, she walks sinuously and sensuously, and he sees her walk sinuously and sensuously. She agitates the earth as she walks, the leaves shake on the trees, water in a still lake shrugs, he watches her as he blows a smoke ring where she cannot see him, beyond the unlit staircase. He misses her just as she goes up the unlit dark staircase, she has left many things behind, a form, a sinuousness, a sensuality, a sense of time lost, time unused and bereft of dazzlement, unused and agitated by her sinuous walk up the stairs, by her sensuality that has agitated the unlit staircase.

She walks with purpose and without, she teases the indifference of the universe, and he sees her walk with purpose and without, he witnesses her teasing the indifference of his world and the universe. She lulls the unlit staircase as she climbs it into further darkness, she hypnotizes the lamps and the shade in the narrow alleys into a narcosis of will as he watches her steal the universe and his world of indifference, as he smokes, as he lingers in the corners, in the shade, as he dissolves his smile into nothingness as he just walks past her on the unlit staircase when he faintly acknowledges her with a faint smile, as she walks away with a sinuous indifference and with tragic sensuality, stealing the universe and his world of more indifference.

He will stays where the shadows stay long and grow longer, after she has walked into the room with a sinuous and sensuous melancholy, disturbing the fan and agitating the carpet, disturbing the lake and the trees and the leaves, as she sits with tragic indifference after walking sinuously and sensuously into the agitating room, as he leaves it, acknowledging her faintly with a faint smile, as he leaves and she enters. Whether this is before or after he passed her on the unlit staircase he does not know and neither do I, as I witness him pass her as she passes him past the dark corner under a melancholy lone street lamp, where he was smoking, just a little away from the unlit staircase where she passes him by as he acknowledges her faintly with a faint smile. But all this is just by the way.

( The above lines are a loose recreation, based on two scenes from In the Mood for Love. It should perhaps be read whilst listening to Yumeji's theme or after it. You can find the theme below.)

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