Monday, September 24, 2007

Rita And The Rifle

A beautiful poem by Mahmoud Darwish. A few poems of Darwish here, and interview with the poet here.

Between Rita and my eyes
There is a rifle
And whoever knows Rita
Kneels and plays
To the divinity in those honey-colored eyes
And I kissed Rita
When she was young
And I remember how she approached
And how my arm covered the loveliest of braids
And I remember Rita
The way a sparrow remembers its stream
Ah, Rita
Between us there are a million sparrows and images
And many a rendezvous
Fired at by a rifle

Rita's name was a feast in my mouth
Rita's body was a wedding in my blood
And I was lost in Rita for two years
And for two years she slept on my arm
And we made promises
Over the most beautiful of cups
And we burned in the wine of our lips
And we were born again

Ah, Rita!
What before this rifle could have turned my eyes from yours
Except a nap or two or honey-colored clouds?
Once upon a time
Oh, the silence of dusk
In the morning my moon migrated to a far place
Towards those honey-colored eyes
And the city swept away all the singers
And Rita

Between Rita and my eyes—
A rifle


Anonymous said...

yesterday I have been reading Dulce compañía by Laura Restrepo and wasn't impressed at all, found it rather shallow. But I think I might have liked the Delirium more it seems to be a novel with much more depth and impact, so i think i should give it another try.

Kubla Khan said...

i am not aware of this book. i did actually enjoy reading Delirium and even wrote a post on has multiple narrators, done very well and i am sure you will enjoy Midas' narration.
i think Delirium is an important political work.

Anonymous said...

yes i saw your post and everyone elses who has recently read Delirium and wrote about it so I thought i give it a shot with the other one, but as i said, it wasn't that great, no multiple narrators or even political insights. It seems there is a big discrepancy between those two books, but when I see the Delirium I try to read it.

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