Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sadness And Melancholy

Is melancholy too an affectation? What is sadness? What then is joy?
I feel the true feeling is the unexplained inviolate simmering of primeval angst. we feel, we die and forget. Dying is easy, moment to moment. The remainder is memory. everything is memory. our past, that childhood on an uneasy swing, those selfless thoughts, oh, the pangs of that first love.
Memory resonates with sadness because it is loss, because it is lost. The groundset of memory is painful remembrance.there are no good memories because there is no recreation of past moments.the heart beats, the eyes suffer.everything is visual because everything is lost visually.and yet, we offer to explain sadness.....why?
memory creates desire. and, that, that is not an affectation.
we float again now, now, heavy with heedless hope. yes, hope is an affectation too.