Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Inconstant State Of Emotions

What a fallacy to even think of trying to understand someone......when our own tempests come with such surprises that one fails to understand the way one reacts......oh, the obstinacy of arrogance, the brazen , futile try to try.
I do not claim that loneliness is absolute. we do share the fleeting torment of a moment or the unhinged Ecstasy of heady hours, those that ask for the satiation of original thirst or the anguished cry for justice. yet, after the moment, after the summation of minds or the inconstant equilibrium of hearts, the moment of dissolution comes. i won't say that the few moments of Ecstasy are an illusion. the permanence of any union is.
The cultivation of pessimism is not a morbid occupation. the state of idee fixe is......this melancholic state is one of being privileged with such outrageous colours that as soon as they are worn, and as soon as they are hidden, the senses weaken, the clouds settle in, the mist deepens....this is fog, sadness, loss of childhood, separations, exile.

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