Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feelings and Emotions

These emotions and feelings..........what are they? How does one know, how can one know, ever........what if, even after having lived, we wont have the answers?
I know I will not ever know. And yet, one cannot ever live without these either.
Life as a general condition wd have been unbearable if we as a species had not have been able to understand each others emotions and feelings. The quality of great art is to let each one of us recognize the other music, even if, even if, it does not lead to actual heart effusions.
The sincerity of feelings is in their very existence, not in proving that they exist in some kind of nameless vacuum which is either generally called a heart or is also labelled as sensitivity. When we say that art transcends culture, we perhaps mean the universality of pain and feelings, even though the colour of tears also depends on the name of the wind that stalks your native town.
Yet, the very existence of these thoughts proves that they exist in a real world of time and space, not in some useless or weak domain of exaggerated reactions. When we live, we feel.and in the lucid recognition of that emotion lies the very essence of life.

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Anonymous said...

Kubla Khan has given a new perspective to la estranger. I never thought about the outsider in these terms. A good critique.