Saturday, September 04, 2010



Lupe said...

Google Reader keeps deleted posts, undead thoughts whispering their disowned words to those who keep their eyes open at midnight.

I know about a girl who studied Philosophy. She used to have trouble making lonely night smokers understand that she was, above all, a girl, somebody who drinks coffee with cold milk because she has a very sensitive tongue, and who wears skirts with panties in order not to feel cold. She would be told she was cruel when she asked for a cookie and some ten minutes talk about the weather, and would be banned out, pushed unkindly through the doorway, left out in the mist, alone, in need to call a friend to pick her up and take her home.

Kubla Khan said...

The girl who studies philosophy, the one you know perhaps , does not perhaps know the solitary smoker that well. Maybe when she goes out, thinking she has been pushed out, maybe she must try to feel that the solitary smoker has said everything in his speechless stupor. Her excessive sense of her sensitivity betrays her rejection of his silent sensitivity. Maybe the girl who studies philosophy, when you meet her next, needs to know that coffee must be bitter like silent nights and hot like love. But will you remember that?

People who do not know what google reader is cannot walk hand in hand with those that do. Unless those that do tell that to those who don't.