Monday, October 11, 2010

what use are words

what use are my words now
when you called I did not turn
I let the world lead me into colours
that I always detest

what use are my words
I hate how they fall on your ears
how hollow they sound
as I live my life as if it is somebody else's

what use are my words whether I write them or
speak into the hollow of your eyes you will never
trust me to turn if you call again
and I no longer believe what I say to myself

what use are my words now
to whom do I say out loud that I do not
trust what I said to the flaming sky when
you called and I did not turn

what use are my words
the words that I inscribe are shallow as they leave
my fingers sad as they leave my lips
I shudder at my words I should have turned


Roxana said...

i hate the "should have"-crushing weight upon one's soul. and, perhaps not surprisingly, i have a series dedicated to the "it should have"-feeling on the Bridge as well.

Kubla Khan said...

should have is all we have , i suppose.