Monday, October 22, 2007

A Century Of Posts!

A century in cricket is generally a sign of respectability, even if a batsman might have plodded to it. I feel like one of those lower order batsmen who are still unsure of how they managed a hundred! This is my 100th post even though it is not about anything. ( Not counting the 3 last year)

I started writing here last year and was generally unsure of whether it would continue. I am still here which perhaps shows that one should remain unsure of most things. I am not prolific by any means but I try to be regular and write whenever I can. Sometimes I try to write in spite of myself. I started to write ages ago but those poems and what I then called Notes are within the pages of diaries, small, now mellow notebooks, margins dirty and much thumbed, too much saliva and too little sense.

I was searching last year for something on Satantango when it all started and I discovered Dispatches from Zembla. I found it delightful and quite readable and I felt that perhaps I too could muster myself to try and write. Since then, I have discovered other fine blogs too, but Alok and Antonia are the two that shall remain linked to the child like delight of early posts. I thank you both for reading this blog. I admire your blogs for they have inspired me to be here still! I also thank the mysterious alpha2Omega, who encouraged me when it all seemed thin ice. May be one day, I will persuade him to write too! ( His contribution at present is unvoiced reproach)

I try my best to avoid being shrill and too opinionated and my own prejudices and lack of clarity must be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

thats a nice compliment - but i am also all the time hesitating whether i should stay or go. I always like to come here and see what interesting books you have read and the nice thing of this is you read differetn books than me so i always find inspiration. nd i also do like your Notes, and i remember the one about coffee which was a nice one, you have an ability for combining observations with reflection of whom one never can be sure whether they are induced by books you have read, the observations you make or some melancholy. likely it is all three, but it does nto matter for it reads so well.
but i dont mind being shrill and opinionated and prejudiced - all these things are ok and perfectly human as long as one takes oneself not so serious.

Alok said...

Hi Kubla, I should thank you instead for introducing me to so many writers I hadn't heard of before... I am a lower order batsman myself, the persevering kind, who stays on the crease :)

I love your notes too even though I don't comment always. Melancholy thoughts about nights, the moon and coffee Keep them coming.

The idea of blogging is to take it not so seriously that it becomes a stress, it should just be a part of your normal routine if not daily then once in a while. That's how I have continued to do so myself. Another thing I have observed with blogging is that it has made my reading a little more disciplined. Otherwise you sometimes get disheartened because you don't have anybody to talk about your thoughts about the book or film you have seen... in this case it is internet even if nobody reads it... you just put it there for everybody to see.

anyway, best wishes for the blog and hope you continue to write like this.

Kubla Khan said...

Antonia and Alok
Thank you both for your kind comments as always.
yes, we do need a different voice sometimes, somebody to talk to, like here, like now.
Let's hope we all plod on, go on and persevere in this world of literature and melancholy.