Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Will Not Forget

I will not forget
I will not forget
that day, that summer
when we sat close
surrounded by the promise of years together,
the scent of untouched love
that your fingers had,
that swoon in your eyes
in their brown and white,
beyond your words, besides my hesitant heart.

He saw her wet in a dry summer
drenched with love,
the purple print on her shirt
stuck, glued, fixed to her skin.
It was all he wanted
and all that nature could offer.
What mattered life? distances?
and the "moon's rictus"?

I will not forget
I will not forget
that hour that minute of silence
when the petals fell from your printed shirt
into the dust of my world,
and a blood red sky, yet pale softened
melting melting like fresh snow.

He rose and left and did not
dare to look back again.
But he still thinks if
that was love?

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