Monday, April 07, 2008

Violent love

I threw my violent love at you,
I talked to you even when I didn't speak,
you saw my sea.
You looked askance, you looked away,
You escaped the tightest nooses
that I made.
You threw back the moon, violent moon
with its violent light.
I swung my most violent love at you,
raging tides with raging words.
You even escaped through the riptide,
the tightest tide to another side.
Then I threw myself at you,
sulphur, yellow, bright, bleak.
you escaped my heart,
looking away, you looked away.
You threw the night back at me,
how you escaped.
I wrote you my poems,
I did all this and much more,
but what now?


RandomBrownianFlake said...

Man is in love And loves what vanishes; What more is there to say?

Anonymous said...

katyu chukh nundbaanay, walo maashoq myaane...

Marta said...

there is a lot of good in this one, for example, but it is not polished, and say too much of unimportant things. I always identify in your main motifs of poems but sometime you manage to sublimate feelings.

I find that it is hard for me to write on too recent things, like young wine,it doesn't come out clean. It takes always a while. Do you think is so for you too?

Anonymous said...

It can be pathetic that there are people not always looking over this blog. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

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