Thursday, March 27, 2008

Koka Briansky

Below an Incidence from Incidences, by the great Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms.

Koka : I am getting married today.
Mother: What?
Koka: I said I am getting married today.
Mother: What did you say?
Mother: Ma? What is ma?
Koka: ma-rr-iage.
Mother: Idge? What is this idge?
Koka: Not idge but ma-rr-iage.
Mother: What do you mean, not idge?
Koka: Yes, not idge, that's all!
Mother: What?
Koka: Yes, not idge. Do you understand! Not idge!
Mother: You are on about that idge again. I don't know
what idge's got to do with it.
Koka: Oh blow you! ma and idge! What's up with you?
Don't you realize yourself that saying just ma is senseless.
Mother: What did you say?
Koka: Ma, I said, is senseless!!
Mother: sle?
Koka: What on earth is all this! How can you possibly
manage to catch only bits of words, and only the most absurd bits at that:
Why sle in particular?
Mother: There you go again.....sle.

Koka Briansky throttles his mother. Enter his fiance Marusia.

I will, hopefully, write in detail about this collection of incidents, stories and other assorted fantastic bits called Incidences in the future.

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Madhuri said...

Exasperating and funny!