Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daniil Kharms link

Some time back, I posted an extract from Incidences by Daniil Kharms. Amongst the great Russian writers, his voice is the most distinct and different. There is a link to a few Kharms stories, exceedingly witty and brilliant in a charming way, at this link here, which I found at Three percent.

All attempts must be made to read Kharms and then re-read him. The reward is ample. Kharms' literary genius is being discovered, albeit late.


Madhuri said...

Thanks for the links. I bought Incidences recently after reading the excerpt on your blog. I still have to get to it!

Kubla Khan said...

To be honest, Kharms is a rare writer, one of a kind. it is my intention to write a post about him soon.
i am sure you will take to incidences.