Friday, January 02, 2009

The crime of Gaza

The current atrocities unleashed on the Gaza strip must not be viewed as a crisis but as a systematic destruction of the feeble body politic of the Gaza strip. Any one viewing it as a crisis is a partisan observer. The war, unleashed by the homicidal murderers of Israel, backed by the US and UK, and supported by word and deed by all the others, including the "moderate" Arabs, is nothing but a continuation of the occupation that is eating away at any civilized remnant that Israel's Western backers might still have. There is shame in this war unleashed on Gaza, a war that pits unarmed civilians against the inheritors of the holocaust, now aided blatantly by the perpetrators of the holocaust. The French and the Germans, the new fascists in place in their capitals and the countries that civilize the uncivilized, the US and the UK, are putting the onus on the Palestinians. What a shame!

The fault lies with the Palestinians because they happen to be there, the murderer murders because he has the murder weapon, the victim should have stayed home, why rush out in the open, why not stay indoors, why ask for rights, what freedom? Isn't occupation better, isn't humiliation better, why not stay tied with civilized Israeli's than roam free as nomads, as birds? Every child, every woman, every man killed in Gaza is a terrorist because they are Palestinian. The war has not lead to any humanitarian crisis we are told because the Palestinians are not human. Listen, listen the world! The Palestinians asking for freedom! A blind man asking to see, to see colours!

The other Arabs, soaked in technicolour oil, floundering in protecting their regimes are as brutal in their silent complicity as the Western powers are blatantly one-sided. The Palestinians can only hope for anarchy, for anarchy to spread in this area so that all become one: The unjustly killed family with the brutal dictator with the modern war machine with the crusaders from the West with the dead intellectuals from everywhere. Since there is no justice in the world, the Palestinians of Gaza should not hope of it. The fascist Israeli's and their shameless backers will never cease to stop till Gaza is itself a large grave. There is no hope for them and no chance of a separate state.


billoo said...

Yes, kubla, so much for the much vaunted 'human rights'! i think hannah was right here...can one be human only if one is a 'citizen'?

One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at the nonsense that is spewed out by some the U.N...we call for restraint on *all* sides. what a **ing joke.

nope, haven't seen or read revolutionary road but it is 'out' here and so I migth watch it if you say it's any good.

best wishes,


Kubla Khan said...

Hi billoo

Any criticism of Israel is labeled as anti-semitism. this is a craftily constructed way of covering Israel's dark crimes. the Palestinians are themselves responsible for their calamity, they are reminded. the world is told that if the Palestinians shut up, all will be well.

the refugee camps are the new states, the camps of torture where freedom will spring forth. power has never been so aggressive, the intoxication is total. the liberal left is dead, its intellectuals are experts on everything without really saying much.

the Palestinians are at risk of extermination.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, brother.
There is no justice in this world, indeed.
Had there been justice, people like Barak, Olmert, Netanyahu plus their Zionist assholes like Bush and Blair would have been now in the Hague to stand trial for the war crimes they have committed against innocent people of Palestine and Iraq and elsewhere.
Al we have right now is pray for the poor humanity in Gaza who are being bullied by the scum of world nations; the new Nazis of our time and their senseless benefactors in America and the west.