Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What the Zionists want

The outcome of the present Zionist atrocities unleashed on the Gaza strip will ultimately end in legitimizing the mass killings of Palestinian civilians that also include children and women. The fault as noted earlier lies with the Palestinians for they are nameless, stateless and thus without any rights. The stateless person does not actually exist. For the Zionists and their benefactors to actually not allow the Palestinians to resist, to fight and claim the land that was stolen from them, to besmirch their resistance and to attach to their resistance the label of terrorism is the ultimate victory of the Israeli state. From all this, the ultimate victory will only belong to Israel, for in essence, what Israel is fighting for is an extreme ideology, in which God has been given a role too. From a secular democracy to a theological ideology, everything is immersed in an identity that claims a threat to its existence from a people sandwiched between an artificially progressive Arab states, progress based on desert mirages and that of Israel, a mini America, God's promised land, sponsored by right wing ideologues and their war machines.

After the present genocide is halted, to be resumed at a further date, there will be peace initiatives followed by new maps of peace to nowhere followed by a flurry of non-activity and more frustration. The Arab states will donate their hopeless money to re-build what Israel destroys on a regular basis, the allies of the Zionist entity will call for peace initiatives while Israel will continue to rebuild settlements of extremist Jews in the West Bank, home of Abbas and his gang, the place from which not a single rocket has been fired at Israel and yet the settlements are being build. Who is sincere about peace?

The other players in the area like Iran and the rhetorically naive Hezbollah will continue to exploit the Palestinians for their own purposes and innocent Palestinians will continue to perish. The endgame will culminate in the creation of an Eretz Israel by which time the Palestinian entity will be the substance of myth, nurtured only in poetry and song, some tears and some faded old maps. There are not even many Mahmoud Darwish' around to write about this pain. The fountains of sadness are sprouting blood, the insane cries for help are falling on deaf ears, at this time poetry and Literature seem superfluous, including my naive post. The futility of resistance, the futility of memory, the futility of death and cries and blood, that is what the Zionists want, that is what they will achieve. In the annihilation of the Palestinians lies not their victory but in the annihilation of the memory of Palestine, the will to fight and dream. That is what the Zionists want, what they will achieve.


Lupe said...

And so is written the story of mankind, by us who stay at home and weep.

War is useful. It serves a lot of purposes. The purposes of corporations. The purposes of the powerful. The purposes of elite groups.

We're the useless sons and daughters of the slaughtered whose only power is to fight again and again the horror that will sprout here today and there tomorrow, like a monster with endless heads that will always find a way to eat us.

On Earth, the realm where the useful reigns, do not underestimate the dignity of the useless, the futile protest, of the futile post, of the useless song which writes and rewrites History, of the ones that get themselves killed fighting for what they believe. If there's anything that gives some value to human life is that ability to do such useless stupid things as love, write, hope, dream and fight lost fights.

Anonymous said...

Indeed everything seems to be disappointing and frustrating. But I still believe in the strong will of the Palestinian people. They have survived massacres and sufferings at the hands of the same Zionist thugs and murderers. But things will change in the end. I am sure that they will emerge victorious in the end, in spite of all pain and suffering. The current massacre in Gaza and the widespread publicity of the crimes perpetrated there by the new Nazis in Israel will inevitably create a new awareness worldwide of the true character of the sadistic brutal Zionists.
Even Hitler himself may be considered a small angel if compared with this scum of gangsters who occupy Palestine and commit such cold blooded atrocities.
Let's just pray for their freedom and salvation which we hope to see realized sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

do not weep, do not yeild to despair. rage rage against the dying of the light. 'hamas', lovers, means rage, hold this rage close, nurture it, suckle it, let its sharp teeth bite us so we always remember. one thing, one sole thing why they will never win:
because we will not forget
because we will not forgive

billoo said...

"Even Hitler himself may be considered a small angel if compared with this scum of gangsters who occupy Palestine and commit such cold blooded atrocities. "

This is such utter nonsense that one gasps for breath. for heaven's sake...

I think you're mostly right, kubla. We're witnessing the last colonial state (perhaps). I guess this type of delusion is to be expected when people start to talk in terms of God's justice instead of the more familiar norms that we're more accustomed to.

People keep on saying that we know the endgame is a two state solution but that seems to be wilfully ignorant of the development of the settlements since 1967.

the sheer vaccuousness of the term 'humanitarian aid' is remarkable, no?

you're right, writing or even commenting about what's happening seems futile.

and now the BBc is relishing the thought that it's latched on to anew discussion: how Israel's actions are not about the rocket attacks but, instead, about weakening hamas and re-shaping the political situation, altering the balance. the irony! Reminds me of the american commander in Vietnam who said: this town has to be destroyed for it to be saved.

Kubla Khan said...

Atenea, hi:

in a way you are right, these protests are useless but then what can one do? one mounts this pressure onto oneself and sometimes words spring out. but politics touches us, even love cannot exist without a certain kind of politics.

Anonymous: i think responding to anonymous comments doesn't make sense. but Hitler as what you have described is too much really. one crime cannot justify another. the question is not of revenge but of a way, a movement ahead.

billoo: "We're witnessing the last colonial state (perhaps)".

billoo, i disagree. the areas under occupation are not colonies really, in the traditional sense. they seem more like occupation farms, fields of extermination, a playfield for morbid men like the butcher Sharon. in negating Palestine, there is an ideological insistence. in refusing to criticize Israel, the West is in a way trying to do away with its silent complicity for the holocaust. unless the nakba enters popular terminology and popular discourse, there is no way forward for the palestinians. most palestinian intellectuals, let us say Said, lamented the negation of palestine more than its physical occupation.
the victims as aggressors is a fascinating case. there is a determined approach to bury the psychological aspects of this dignified struggle.

however, outside elements including i guess Iran are bent on expoliting it. from a struggle for rights, it should not be projected as a religious cause. that happens too often.the BBC.....ah, that is a different issue. the manufacture of opinion, the creation of opinion........the tools of late capitalism, i must say, the forces of darkness.

billoo said...

not sure that i get you, kubla. what is an "occupation farm"?

to me , it does seem like the old settler mentality (a "wilderness" to be converted into a garden); the other as not quite human (and unproductive); the constant need for expansion.

Yes, I think you're right: it's not like tradtitional colonialism in lots of ways, not least the notion that the land is taken to be divinely ordained to belong to a particular people.

fields of extermination? I don't think this is correct. Yes, perhaps there are elements that want to push them into Jordan. But I think that there are also elements that would be content with them living in camps ..a sort of pragmatism, if one can call it that, that these people will not go away; and then I think there are others (in Israel proper)who are horrified or at least critical of the settlers and their mentality

I think you make a good point about exploitation , as well. i think that this is one way in which British Muslims are radicalised. You know, I've heard this Nazi terminology bandied about on both sides (if muslims had the bomb they'd make hitler look like a child and 'the jews/israel are no worse than the Nazis.

for me, this is not just poor historical thinking, it is poor thinking per se.

Hope you are well.



Kubla Khan said...

Hi billoo

by farms i meant a place where basically, if you see, they are killed in a needless frenzy from time to time. how big is the Gaza strip anyway? tiny compared to the population it has. there are no exits, no entries, just a seething swathe of refugee camps. compare it to the camp xray and you get a totally different picture but the analogy is not bizarre. lock them up, keep them huddled, let them convulse in pain......

re extermination.....that is what it fundamentally arrives at. where is historical Palestine now? even post 1967 hopes of a small Palestine is not acceptable to the Israelis....what is happening now is an effacement of not just the land but even the memories of Palestine.

i agree with you re Nazi terminology. it makes no sense. and Iranian propaganda of late, especially of the asinine type denying the holocaust does not favour anyone. it is reprehensible.

alpha2omega said...

Graveyard of Democracy
On one hand the democratic beacon of middle-east(!) Israel is paralysed by the power of democracy. The settlers have a strong political voice and no politician can deliver justice for fear of losing the power gained through their votes. Removing the settlers is politically untenable because the demos (settlers) have a voice- that is democracy!

On the other side, democracy is 'given' to Palestinians and the pesky Palestinians elect the wrong people. So the exercise of choice by people has no meaning when the structures of power cannot be challenged. Ah democracy...such a wonderful thing...