Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Painful Song

i come back to where i start, one starts again, this is a game, these are ground rules, this is not a game, these are the essentials, there are no illusion's, this must be done, it has to be done, this song is painful, it has pain, it was always painful, the singer is great, these are great songs, other songs too must be great, even if they are unheard, one will hear them, one must, we must try, after all there is so much pain, these songs cause such commotion, they always do, though they didn't when i was a child, perhaps i didn't listen carefully, perhaps i didn't understand, maybe i didn't care, i was always happy.
what if i don't ever get to hear the song that i have now forgotten, what if i miss out on that pain, that wont do, this is unfair, i need justice, songs are seldom painful these days, i know what a painful song sounds like, i always knew, we did, we seldom missed out on such details, i know this is trivial, they always said so, and i thought they are right, but what do they know, this pain is invisible, it is not in the song, it is never in the song, it is the words, it is never the words, i know, shall i, it is in the memory of that memory, the pain of this pain, new pain.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Kubla Khan,

It is obvious to me that you are a true poet. Every word that comes out of you seems to confirm this. I am jealous of the fact that you can be so creative with your words and use of the English language. On the other hand, I also feel sorry for you because there appears to be a lot of pain hidden inside. Ah, the life of a poet can realy be complicated.

Kubla Khan said...

Thanks anonymous.
Pain is hidden inside all of us, poets try to express them in a glamorous fashion!