Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lean back now

Lean back,
let cigarette ash fall on the dim carpet,
let your eyes roam into the estranged blackness outside.
You can hear violet noises,
the zoom of a speeding car
on the main road outside, perhaps a lover late for a date
or a fugitive from town.
Let not these vague simmerings scatter your thoughts
of love or hate or about those
who die or get killed without justice.
These humane thoughts too are evaporated discontent,
thoughts that will leave you soon
like so many before.
Lean back and read some love poems,
lines written under moonlight, of flowers
in a flowery language, disregard any coercion,
any attempt to be subdued into neoreality,
into the human condition.
These are lies, only words,
and what use are they to people under occupation
under permanent assault, humiliated and ignored?
Go back to your self, release your senses to
some mezcal, throw and shatter that glass later
and ignore the mess that shards leave.


Anonymous said...

it is not enough to dream of olive trees just beyond lies the holy hole of jerusalem yet the promise of eternal return "is someone coming/no, just a traveller, passing by" keep waiting with the azure cup of longing and your epical daily life dream of a lily on a black day keep the silence in the room there is a network of poems between these silences one will always return to the places one has loved let the thoughts cascade like shattering glass but remember "mirrors have no messiahs"

Zero and Nothing to Lose said...

i firmly agree the way you have captured the mood and the moment where one is too lazy to keep the ashtray besides because one has leaned back. he is surrounded by a thick air of melancholy, sadness and sometimes a strange kind of happiness. he is engrossed in his thoughts and quietly listens to the outer worlds' hustle and buzz. he wants to live a contented life and his own world of thoughts net let him loose and he has to find satisfaction in it if he wants to write a few more lines, bless his people in his thoughts and breathe a little more.

Anonymous said...

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Kubla Khan said...

Hi Zero......
i was trying to reflect a mood that seemed firm.( alas, nothing is)

these could be actually termed as musings or reflections, but till i find a proper term, i will call them poems.