Saturday, August 16, 2008

Give me back my rags

I have wiped my face off your face
ripped your shadow off my shadow

leveled the hills in you
turned your plains into hills

set your season quarreling
turned all the ends of the world from you

wrapped the path of my life around you
my impossible my impenetrable path

just try to meet me now

Enough chattering violets enough sweet trash
I won't hear anything know anything
enough enough of all

I will say the last enough
fill my mouth with earth grit my teeth

to break off you skull guzzler
to break off you once for all

I will be just what I am
without branch without root without crown
I will lean on myself
on my bumps and bruises

I will be the hawthorn stake through you
that's all I can be in you
in you spoilsport in you muddle head

Get lost

Get off my walled infinity
of the star circle round my heart
of my mouthful of sun

Get out of the comic sea of my blood
of my flow my ebb
Get out of my stranded silence

Get out I said Get out

Get out of my living abyss
of the bare father tree within me

Get out how long must I cry Get out

Get out of my bursting head

Get out just Get out

Vasko Popa

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