Friday, March 14, 2008

To say I Love you

To say I love you
to a dark stranger with hair nonchalantly messed,
stranger with trembling lips and with aching hands,
aching hands that hold an invisible arrow,
to see and lie in the shade, in the shade of her shadow,
to see your shadow fall near her shadow,
trespass with stealth with the discreet brown of her eyes
the pale white of her eyes, sometimes with the ache of her hands,
to see her shine and multiply in mirrors,
and throw away the tearing resolve of your poem,
the uncertain beat of your poem,
the uncorrected rhythm of your poem,
to recite it against all odds,
to let this poem fly, fly against the poem in her eyes,
the famous steel in her eyes,
to hope then for calm, for a forced approval
from her lips, from the night of her lips,
the unending dream of those lips,
to recede away and melt then, and invite her into
your dreams, the fugitive scream of your dreams,
the unending poem in your dreams,
to wake up then unclouded, into the azure of
your room, into the torn page from the book,
the scribbled poem from the book.
Stranger of a certain fame, I only wanted to say,
I love you.


sisyphus said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok. I amend what i said on the phone. On second, better reading, i really like this. Perhaps reminds me of some of Paul Celan, without the continental european disease of intellectualised aesthetics.
very good. quite.

Anonymous said...

hi k - you know, this is still a little related to the Brodsky discussion, but only very very see, it's not your writing i have my occasional problems with, your writing is sterling and gorgeous, it's the thinking, your thinking, that sometimes, but only sometimes makes my brain itch like mad (which not necessarily is a bad thing, though, but sometimes is!). and it can be a problem or a danger when the thinking is less beautiful than the writing...

however no such objections regarding this your poem. forgive me employing the evil binaries, dichotomies, but writing and thinking fall together in excellent congruence and this makes the whole poem even more beautiful.

billoo said...

"in the shade of her shadow,
to see your shadow fall near her shadow"

Beautiful lines.

Zero and Nothing to Lose said...

i went through your blog and i found it amazing. i mean you write sense and thats so uncommon these days. keep it up.