Sunday, August 10, 2008

Darwish and Khalife's Rita


Alok said...

this sounds wonderful...thanks.

We have "bandook" in hindi too which mean the same thing.

btw, can you something more about the context of this poem?

Kubla Khan said...


It is well sung really. Khalife is a great singer.

I have heard and read that when Darwish was in an israeli prison, he fell in love with an israeli prison guard called Rita? this poem is an alegy for her or with Rita as a metaphor for what is unattainable, for the lost homeland maybe. In an interview later, Darwish spoke of his resolve never to marry. He says in his "Memory for forgetfulness" that coffee was enough. i am not really sure whether Rita was just an imagination though a friend from SOAS( school of oriental and african studies) told me once that Rita was surely not his imagination.

whatever is the truth, i think it may not be beyond Darwish to have conjured up a Rita.

Everybody dreams of one.

I am copying what is a good translation plus a few links.