Friday, November 19, 2010

true love is without conditions

true love is without conditions you always said,
night or day, before dawn or at dusk,
the lover's wrist or the lover's waist
must be equal music.
we must kill ourselves before this word is lipped,
we must whip ourselves before love is lived,
we must be ready to die at this altar you always said,
love is not for everyone.
love tears us rips us rends bare our nerves you said,
the knocks it gives the heartbeats heartaches are sweet
you always said. it is murder it is an injustice,
love is night it is darkness it is day.
the traces it leaves its marks are dark you always said,
they are inside look no more,
the moth that kills itself the flame its madness
is love, look no more.
and the emptiness at night restless hope you always said,
is love. the long list of complaints, the long nights
the long days every injustice pales before its
merciless hooves, you said.

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